Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Official Jew Abe Foxman Retires, Eyes Wide Shut as Per Usual

The ADL's Grand Poobah lo these past 50--yes, 50!--years has retired. As a parting shot, he summarized the resurgence of Jew-loathing in Europe while, oddly enough, ignoring the wacky, Koran-inspired Zionhass that has meshed so well with the leftist variety and that has now metastasized globally. Here's Mark Steyn, who has never suffered official Jewish fools gladly, on the subject:
Jewish groups missed the threat 80 years ago, too. But why wouldn't they? There'd always been anti-Semitism in Europe: You can't buy property here, you can't stand for parliament there, and everywhere always a certain sliver of people who just don't want to be around Jews. But it didn't turn genocidal until the 1930s, and, after a millennium of low-level Jew hate, you can understand why nobody saw it coming.
But the violent, murderous phase of the new Jew-hatred is already here - in the emergency ward of the Royal London Hospital; in the corpse-strewn schoolyard of Toulouse; in the synagogue in Brussels set alight by Molotov cocktails; in a pleasant Jewish home in Antwerp, where burning rags were pushed through the mail flap; at the RER train station in Auber, where a commuter was savagely assaulted by a mob taunting, "Palestine will kill the Jews"; in the suburban home where a young Frenchman was tortured to death over three weeks while his family listened via phone to his howls of agony as his captors chanted from the Koran; in the stairwell of the apartment house where a Paris disc-jockey had his throat slit, his eyes gouged out, and his face ripped off by a neighbor who crowed, "I have killed my Jew!"
Old Abe should have dropped by one of the Ayatollah Khomeini's annual Queen's Park seethe-a-thons. Perhaps that might have opened his eyes.

Update: LRC and Blog Wrath weigh in.

Child who addressed the Al Quds Day rally with Anti-Zionist hate speech. Photo: Screenshot.
The face of the "new" Jew-hate

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