Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Métis Embraces His "Semitic" Origins--But What If He Got It All Wrong?

Found this on the HuffPo--an interview with a bloke who's a Métis Muslim (or a Muslim Métis):
I am a Métis Canadian, which means I am of mixed Amerindian and European ancestry. We are known as the Otipemisiwak, the people who own themselves, les gens libres or the Free People. At 500,000, we represent 1.5 percent of the Canadian population. Although we have European blood, we are indigenous by culture, and famous for being fiercely independent. While most of my ancestors who came from Europe were French, one of them was a Morisco from Portugal who settled in the New France in the 17th century. Genetic analysis demonstrates that he was not European, but Semitic. Not only was he Semitic, he was an Arab. Not only was he an Arab, he was an Arab with origins in the Hijaz. Not only were his ancestors from the Hijaz, they were members of the Household of the Prophet. Research has further shown that the DNA of my ancestor left Arabia during the early days of Islam, spread into North Africa and entered al-Andalus during the period of Muslim rule. His DNA is the same that is found among the descendants of the Moroccan Idrisids.

So, as a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad through his grandson, Imam al-Hasan, one can say that my interest in Islam, and my attachment to the Household of the Prophet, was innate...
I hate to be a wet blanket, but what if he's a Semite--but a Jewish Semite. Say, one of those Jews who came from the Hijaz, and who was slain by members of the Household of the Prophet for balking at their Mo?

Which is to say, what if he's really a Métis Jew?

Wouldn't that throw a spanner in his working self-definition?

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Unknown said...

Hmmm.....I don't recall Portugal colonizing North america in the 17th century, what you did have was the 'inquisition' coming hard down on Jews in Portugal.

Quebec was mostly colonized in those days by French and Walloons (Belgian).

My guess his ancestry was Jewish.