Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Slogan, New Logo, Same Old Palestine House

"Palestine Brings Us Together." That's the new slogan on the redesigned Palestine House website. (I guess they decided not to go with the more appropriate and heartfelt "Eliminate Israel--Now!")
It's interesting that PH has changed its logo. It used to be a flag of Israel plus Gaza plus the West Bank, all covered in Arafatian checkers, thereby making its eliminationist mindset plain for all to see.
It now looks like this. No checks, but with a jaunty maple leaf to show how "Canadian" it is:

I think I preferred the old look. It was a lot more honest.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe their old chant "From the (Jordanian) river to the (Mediterranean) sea, Palestine will be free (of Jews)" suddenly got a whole lot more ambitious: "From the (Jordanian) river to the (Mediterranean) sea, Palestine and Canada will be free (of Jews)"