Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Moment in Globe and Mail Antipathy Toward Israel--Patrick White Blames Hamas Suicide Bombings on...Baruch Goldstein?

Just in time for Israeli Apartheid Week, the Globe and Mail's Patrick White pens this caption for his paper's "Moment in Time" photo (which appeared on page 2 of Tuesday's newsprint version; h/t FK):
Moment in time: Feb. 25, 1994 -- Mass killing of Palestinians at prayer in Hebron
It wasn't unusual for Israeli physician Baruch Goldstein to pray at the Tomb of Abraham in the West Bank town of Hebron, and it was normal for a settler like him to carry his submachine gun. So Israeli guards didn't bat an eye when Goldstein strode past them. Muslims that day were marking the holy month of their mosque next to the tomb, while Israelis in the adjacent room celebrated the feast of Purim, which recalls Jews escaping a death sentence in ancient Persia. Goldstein was on a Purim mission of his own. A disciple of the anti-Arab rabbi Meir Kahane, he opened fire on the Muslims kneeling before him, killing 29 and wounding dozens before being beaten to death by survivors. Forty days later, Hamas retaliated with its first suicide bombing, killing eight Israelis in Afula. The peace process has never recovered. -- Patrick White
Actually, the "process" recovered just fine. It's been going like gangbusters ever since. Notice, though, how easy it is for the Zion-loathing to pin the blame for the paucity of peace--as well as for Hamas's explosive martyrdom practices--on the Jews and not on, say, the Koran/the Muslim Brotherhood/the jihad imperative, etc.

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