Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Zionhass in Europe's BloodStream

Melanie Phillips gives kudos to ScarJo, blows a raspberry at Oxfam, and concludes that the whole sorry SodaStream incident is emblematic of something much larger and grimmer:
The problem, though, is not just Oxfam. It is the giant multinational industry of NGOs, funded by millions of euros from European governments, which obsessively promote lies, hatred and incitement against Israel. 
They do not seek to boycott Turkey over its occupation of northern Cyprus, nor Morocco over its occupation of western Sahara. They do not seek to delegitimise Syria or Iran or China. Instead, they single out Israel, the lone oasis of human rights in the Middle East, for distortion and demonisation. 
In the acres of space devoted to the SodaStream row, the media mostly treated Oxfam’s position as perfectly reasonable. 
A couple of weeks ago, meanwhile, an utterly chilling march against President Hollande took place in Paris, in which mainly white protesters not only performed the pro-Nazi quenelle gesture but chanted “Jews go home” and “Jew, France is not your country”. 
Do you know why you missed British coverage of this? There wasn’t any. The media wanted to kick SodaStream instead. As Europe teeters on the brink of another cultural catastrophe, it is a legal Jewish city which is the focus of attention as a crime against humanity.

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