Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Justin Trudeau Brings His "Charm Offensive" to Montreal's Concordia U

No doubt this sort of empty, banal, feel-good palaver will go over big with the kidz there:
“This [university tour] is […] about how important it is to view politics as a dialogue, as a conversation that we can all be part of, that we need to contribute to with our voices, with our actions, with our participation,” Trudeau told the crowded D.B. Clarke Theatre, insisting that his intention with the university tour wasn’t to attempt to persuade younger voters to join the Liberal Party or vote for its candidates, but rather to engage university students in a discussion about politics. 
“Because politics is […] more focused on winning than on serving, more focused on finding the right wedge issues in order to get elected than focused on bringing people together to actually solve the challenges we’re facing,” he said.  
“For me, I truly believe that politics needs to be about a respectful exchange of ideas, based on facts, seeking always for common ground, common values, common goals and shared dreams.” ...
Man, is he ever in the wrong line of work.

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