Friday, February 28, 2014

Melanie Phillips Takes Aim at That "Settled Science"

A "denier" who is not yet being sued by hockey stick graphologist Michael Mann writes:
AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming--a.k.a. da humans gone and done it!] is a scam. There is no credible scientific evidence to show any change in the global pattern of normal climate fluctuation over the centuries, and nothing to tie this non-existent change to increases in carbon dioxide. The global climate has been flat-lining for more than a decade while carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise. 
Contrary to the myth-makers, there are many hundreds of eminent scientists who say the AGW theory is wholly without foundation. The so-called ‘evidence’ for AGW, some of which has been shown to be an outright fraud, has been mostly produced by dodgy computer modelling based on dodgy data producing dodgy predictions which are an affront to science. It is produced by researchers who are either ideological zealots for whom the actual evidence of declining global temperatures has to be hidden; who know that grant-funding or professional advancement is conditional upon their ‘research’ producing conclusions that support AGW theory; or who are third-rate minds who go along with either or both of the above without even realising what’s happening...
Now, that's what I call an effective slapshot. (She shoots; she scores!)

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