Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saudi "Virtue" Enforcers/Sharia Cops Crack Down on "Immorality" Enabled by Social Media

Arab News reports that
[t]he Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, commonly known as Haia, has tracked down 735 accounts in the Kingdom on various popular social networking sites including Twitter, Whoshere and Palringo for indulging in immoral activities and violating decent and ethical behavior. 
The commission’s IT manager Hassan Ali Al Asiri told local media that it has identified 735 users and has been trying to ascertain their identities with the cooperation of the authorities concerned. The commission, he said, was also monitoring other social media sites as well.
He said that after identifying the users, the commission will guide them on the right path to promote virtue but if they fail to do so, it will block their accounts. And if they keep continue further, it will then refer the cases to the authorities concerned for necessary punitive action. 
Hassan Ali Al Asiri said several users of popular social media sites were indulging in blasphemy, promotion of sale of wine, homosexuality, human trafficking, and spreading immorality in the society which needs to be curbed. 
Salman Al Qaitani, expert in digital evidence in criminal law, opined that smart phones and close interaction with social networking sites do lead to negative impact on the youth...

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