Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Justin Trudeau Needn't Worry About Selling the Steak 'Cuz His Sizzle is Off the Charts

That's the less-than-meaty take-away from this, by Globe and Mail opiner Lawrence Martin:
Justin Trudeau has to do something about his sense of humour. Though he made clear he was just kibbitzing, the spat over his hockey joke about Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine created a commotion he didn’t need. It took away from his showing at the Liberal Party convention which was given high grades from media pundits and other observers. Where he scored was not on policy but rather on style and tone.
In contrast to the adolescent partisanship of his governing rivals, Mr. Trudeau came across as seasoned and good-natured. He toyed with his opponents, joking about how he drives them “nutty.” At another point he reached out to Conservative voters, suggesting that they are good people who, in contrast to their leader, don’t like seeing politics reduced to smears and non-stop attack ads.
His biggest applause line was not about policy, but character. “Negativity,” Mr. Trudeau asserted, “cannot be this this country’s lifeblood.”...
It can't? That being so, I guess there will be no profane "negativity" from "stylish" Justin any more.

As for the notion that Harper and Co. are "nutty" and "adolescent": what Martin is doing is projecting Justin's obvious jejunosity onto the sober-sided grownups (who have much meat but little sizzle). "A" for effort there, Larry. 

Martin is right about one thing, though. Callow Justin is all sizzle--and that's what the Liberals are selling.

Hey, it worked for Obama, right?

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