Friday, February 21, 2014

Euphemism Du Jour: "Implementation Gap"

What's that? John Ivison defines it in today's NatPo:
Back in 2006, a former adviser to Mr. Trudeau’s father, Tom Axworthy, was charged with the Liberal renewal process, after the election loss to the Harper Conservatives. His conclusion was that there is an “implementation gap” between what Liberals promise and deliver. “Liberalism’s dirty secret (and it’s not so secret these days) is that government doesn’t seem to work well much of the time,” he said.
You call it an "implementation gap." I call it "promising the moon--hope 'n' change and all the rest of that marshmallow fluff--so you'll get elected." 

Granted, mine isn't quite as succinct, but it does describe "Liberalism's dirty secret"--for gaining power. The fact that, once securely installed in the driver's seat, these folks can't come through on their promises isn't a function of "government" not working. It's indicative of the left's fundamentally unsound way of thinking, the way it perceives--or rather, misperceives--what government can and should do.

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Unknown said...

Hmmmm....."Du travail acharné" way , never he's not the kind, more the Canuck version of Obama, and you know copies are never as good as the real thing.