Friday, February 28, 2014

The Permanently Affronted Latch Onto a New Target--Katy Perry

It's not that she kissed a girl and liked it: oh, no. It's that, in her latest video, if you look really, really closely, she--an infidelle--is wearing a ring with an Islamic symbol on it in. The Toronto Sun's Farzana Hassan comments on the "offence":
The online petition to have the video removed from Youtube is now garnering support all over the world. 
It calls on people from inside and outside Islam to condemn the video and have it discredited as blasphemous. 
I endured Perry’s video several times without even seeing the piece of jewelry that is supposed to be offensive to Muslims. 
But, of course, I am a moderate Muslim and thus needed to look again … and again...
I'm sure plenty of the affronted have endured repeat viewings, too--the better to fuel their outrage such that it leads to that endorphin rush of uncontrolled hysteria. And the better to cow us--and try to control us.

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