Monday, February 24, 2014

"Human Rightsy," "Hate-Speech"-Hatin' Wiesenthal Lawyers See Much of Value in Richard Warman's "Discussion"

Prominent Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman provided a dynamic presentation on the topic of hate speech in Canada as the guest speaker at an exclusive Lawyers4Wiesenthal luncheon hosted by Steve Kelman, Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP earlier this month. 
The Ottawa-based lawyer shared personal anecdotes about his own experiences dealing with disseminators of hate propaganda and provided a definition of the "hallmarks of hate," - the perimeters within the national criminal code and civil law surrounding the dissemination of hate speech, as well as the complaint process with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. 
Warman's work has predominantly focused on the worst offenders of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements, whose internet forums pose a powerful menace to society in their calls for ethnic cleansing or genocide. "It's the danger of what can come from them and how they are poisoning our communal wells," he explained.
Since 2001, Warman has been the successful complainant in 15 consecutive Internet hate cases, but cautioned: "As with combating all forms of bigotry and defending human rights the world over, the struggle continues."
"Richard Warman's discussion on the legal control of hate speech in Canada was both informative and interesting," noted Mr. Kelman. "He presented material which I find valuable as a professional, and I look forward to future Lawyers4Wiesenthal events."
Silly lawyers. These days our "communal wells" are being poisoned by Zion-loathers of the leftist and Islamist persuasion, and, for reasons of fear and political correctness, no one in the "human rights"/victimist industry is going to protect Jewry from them. Indeed, if you dare point out that, in the words of scholar David Nirenberg, "The Koran is extensively structured as a polemic against the Jews," and that that poses a contemporary threat to Jews-in-the-age-of-Israel that has nothing to do with Nazis, you are apt to be decried--and marginalized--for being "Islamophobic," the "human rights" no-no of our time.

But, hey, if you're still concerned about scary Nazis coming back to ship you eastward in cattlecars; if you fret that "It's springtime for Hitler" is more than a song lyric; if you think that the real threat to Jewry is posed by a handful of crackpots nostalgic for WW2 and not by krazy Twelver Khomeinists intent on pulling a Hiroshima on Tel Aviv and environs (which comprises pretty much all of Israel), then Richard Warman and his infallible Third Reich GPS is the man for you!

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Xanthippa said...

It is shameful of the Weisenthal people to host a speaker who not only was himself a member of a neo-Nazi online discussion forum, but had also posted deeply hateful, racist comments there.