Thursday, February 13, 2014

The UN Makes Another Bid for an Overarching One World Gov--With the Help of an Obama Factotum

What's with these people and their naked need to control everything?:
John Podesta, the former Clinton Administration chief of staff who is spearheading President Barack Obama’s aggressive strategy of government-by-regulation, has also been helping United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with an even more ambitious job: setting the stage to radically transform the world’s economic, environmental and social agenda. 
That effort—a colossal and sweeping form of  global behavior modification--is supposed to get a new kick-start at a special U.N. summit of world leaders to be convened by Ban in New York City on September 25.  
Its supporters hope that effort will end next year in a new international treaty that will bind all 193 U.N. members-- including the U.S-- to a still formless “universal sustainable development agenda” for the planet that will take effect in 2020. 
“Developing a single, sustainable development agenda is critical,” says a report produced in May, 2013 by a 27-member “High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons”  hand-picked by Ban to help focus the discussion and frame the effort required to make the huge and lengthy project a success...
Lots of shmancy consultants and the, er, "eminent" will no doubt make a ton off cash off the agenda, but it all (essentially, central planning on a global scale) sounds pretty ghastly to me. And anytime the UN gets behind one of these efforts, be it a Durban confab or one of those Kyoto thingies, you know that no good--and much that's bad--will come of it.

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