Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Cri de Coeur From Calgary Muslims (Not That It's Terribly Helpful)

"There are radicals in this country," say Riyaz Khawaja, president of a Calgary-based Shia Muslim organization who took part in an anti-ISIS protest in Calgary. Khawaja added that these radicals "are brainwashing our youth and taking their steps toward terrorism, which is against Islam itself."

Well, if you call it "terrorism," it "is against Islam itself." If you call it jihad, though, it's okey-dokey. More than that, it's the grounds the faithful continue to use for conquering as much land as possible for Allah.

Pretending that there's no jihad (and I'm not referring to that benign personal "struggle" to behave correctly) is not only less than helpful, it's downright deadly.

Update: Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy blames the Canadian government--yes, the government--for not doing enough to stop the "brainwashing" (knowing full well that infidels hold little sway over young'uns who are energized by the message of jihad).

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