Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stupid Intellectual Trashes Israel in the Name of "Peace"

A Jewish chick who "graduated from Harvard this spring with an joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in History of Science and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality" (which basically means she's unemployable) tells Tablet Magazine readers that she supports the Presbyterian church's BDS efforts. Here's why:
My Jewish tradition has taught me to value justice, freedom, and non-violent solutions for peace. Divesting from Caterpillar, which provides machinery used to destroy Palestinian homes; Hewlett-Packard, which maintains the biometric identification system used in Israeli checkpoints; and Motorola Solutions, which provides surveillance systems around illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, seems a logical first step toward true peace in the region.
It's about as "logical" as viewing Mahmoud Abbas, Tweedledee to Hamas's Tweedledum in the current "unity" government, as a viable peace partner. And as "logical" as the church's Zionhass.

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