Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Taliban = The Mafia + Jihad

This jihadi syndicate is really raking it in, reports the Beeb:
As Nato retreats from Afghanistan, the Taliban are rolling in cash and the movement is turning into a wealthy criminal enterprise, according to a United Nations report. 
After a "bumper year" for earnings from narcotics and other illicit activities including kidnapping and unlicensed mining, some factions have become "mafia-like crime syndicates" motivated more by money than by religion, says the UN body monitoring sanctions on the Taliban
The millions of dollars a month pouring into its coffers may keep the fighting going even longer - with some Taliban seeing peace as a threat to their profits.
Indeed. As the Taliban well knows, jihad is a money-maker, which means there's no incentive for "peace" in the infidel sense of things. The Beeb, however, refuses to factor in the eternal holy war, and therefore goes astray:
It is an echo of the early stages of the Northern Ireland peace process when some elements of the IRA resisted negotiations for similar reasons.
You mean the IRA was waging jihad, too? ;)

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