Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Hypocrisy of Pride Revealed in Its Inclusion/Exclusion Choices

Zion-loathers are in; men's equality-lovers are out:
There will be no Pride march for a men’s equality group this year. 
The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has been kicked-out of the Pride parade — the highlight and grand finale of World Pride — at the last minute and told that they do not belong. 
“Concerns have been raised by community members about your group and its conformity with the spirit of the Mission, Vision and Values of Pride Toronto,” said Pride Toronto Director Kevin Beaulieu in an e-mail to the group just days before the parade. 
The e-mail further specified the concerns were mainly about CAFE’s affiliation with “men’s rights” and anti-feminist organizations and expressed concern about the impact their involvement would have on Pride Toronto’s reputation and the comfort of the other groups.
So Pride Toronto's reputation is not sullied--nor is marchers' "comfort" level affected--by a group which purveys this era's version of the Big Lie for the express purpose of eliminating the world's one and only Jewish state?

Good to know.

Update: Here's how LGBT rag Xtra is reporting the CAFE kerfuffle:
Kevin Beaulieu, the executive director of Pride Toronto, tells Xtra that concerns about CAFE’s activities had been raised within the last few days. “A decision had to be made quickly in the interest of the comfort and safety and ability of groups to participate in the parade,” he says, adding that he met with Justin Trottier, who made the original application to march in the parade, to explain the decision in person. 
Representatives from CAFE are upset that their permit has been revoked. Eleanor Levine, a board member and spokesperson for the organization, says that they believe they have been misrepresented as an organization that hates women. 
“We are not anti-women,” she says. “We are absolutely inclusive.” 
She says CAFE will still be involved in WorldPride, even if they can’t march in the parade. The group claims they are hosting a Pride party in downtown Toronto June 28, though venue details have not yet been provided. 
Pride Toronto sparked outrage in 2010 when it attempted to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from marching in the parade. Though the group’s presence remains controversial to some, Pride Toronto eventually relented after furious community members pointed out the fallacy of censoring even unwelcome views in a parade founded on free expression.
Now, that--censoring some but not others--is what I call a pathetic fallacy (and, oh look, it may even rain on their parade).

Update: Future former prime minister Justin Trudeau tweets that he's
Proud to be joining Premier and countless others in celebrating diversity and acceptance at .
Acceptance of "rainbow festoonery and rogue genitalia"--sure. Acceptance of QuAIA--certainly. But Pride's non-acceptance of CAFE and diverse opinions shows that, when crunch time comes,  Pride's "diversity and acceptance" amounts to little more lip service and hot air.

Update: There's not a single rogue genital on view in the Ceeb's sanitized photo gallery of the parade.

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