Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Toronto Mayor's Horse Race: Vote for the Least Mealy-Mouthed Candidate Re Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

Here's what they're saying about a Zion-loathing group which promulgates a blood libel against the Jewish state marching in that paragon of "inclusiveness," the Pride parade:
OLIVIA CHOW: “Pride celebrates equality in one of our city’s most diverse festivals. As such, it should be governed by the city’s human rights policy. The issue (of QuAIA marching) has been studied through this lens and I support that process.” 
ROB FORD: Still in rehab. 
DAVID SOCKNACKI: “I’ve consulted with members of the Jewish community and others and while I strongly disagree with QuAIA’s message, I believe we should stop giving them extra publicity and instead focus on Pride’ s positive message. Many gay and straight Torontonians -- including countless Toronto Jews -- are participating in World Pride activities with that in mind.” 
KAREN STINTZ: ”The Pride Parade is a fantastic celebration of the LGBT community and our city’s diversity. The participation of one group whose views I oppose hurts -- but does not ruin -- this celebration. Let’s focus on all that is good about Toronto as we work to build a better tomorrow.” 
JOHN TORY: “I’ve always said the use of Apartheid is a fraud and offensive … considering what goes on in Israel where human rights are well protected, including gay rights. I’ve felt it was inappropriate to have something like that in the Pride parade because it is a celebration of gay rights. But, I do think as a result of a lot of what has been written, they have lapsed into a state of largely irrelevant status.”
In the mealy-mouth sweepstakes, Chow wins by a length, with Socknacki and Stintz  neck and neck in the race for second, and John Tory, the only one willing to speak the truth sans spin, coming in dead last.

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