Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"The Ottomans Stole Palestine and Sold It To the Israelis"

So says Lee Maracle, a member of future former Toronto mayor Olivia Chow's advisory committee, in a talk entitled "From Turtle Island to Palestine." Maracle, who is described as "Author, poet, teacher, elder, cultural reclamation consultant, theatre instructor at University of Toronto, performing artist, environmentalist, feminist, social activist," is one of 28--count 'em, 28--individuals who supposedly "bring broad perspectives to her campaign, from business, labour, the arts, academia, community and public service."

"Broad perspectives," eh? Since each and every one of 'em is a "social justice" lefty, their "perspective" is about as "broad" as a piece of spaghettini.

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Unknown said...

Question is who did they steal it from? Mamluk? Ayyubid? Crusaders?