Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enough, Already, With the Hopeychangey Agenda Being Foisted on Unsuspecting Schoolkids

This leftist indoctrination has got to stop:
After more than ten inspiring weeks on the road visiting schools across Canada, Free the Children wrapped up its We Create Change tour with a final stop at Western Technical-Commercial School (WTCS) on June 17.

Grade 10 student Mackenzie had the experience of a lifetime when she was interviewed by Craig Kielburger, founder of Free the Children. Mackenzie is an active member of the Free the Children Club at WTCS and takes pride in encouraging others to volunteer and get involved. As a student leader, she led Grade 9 students in the Brick Walk, and the We Day to raise money to build a school in Africa. This summer, she is excited to be volunteering on a Free the Children trip to Ecuador to participate in a project to build a foundation for a school there. As a school, WTCS students and staff have raised more than $44,000 for Free the Children projects.

The We Create Change Tour visited selected school communities this spring, connecting with tens of thousands of students across nine provinces. Young Canadian change-makers' personal stories were featured, along with musical performances from Neverest, inspiring presentations from Spencer West, firsthand accounts from students and educators from developing countries, and countless special surprises...
Free the children--from Free the Children.

Update: How the Left Distorts History to Inspire New Generations of Activists


Unknown said...

'Free the children--from Free the Children.'

Hear! Hear!

Mal said...

Kielburger is a liberal monster that found his racket at an early age. He was moulded, patted and formed, as was his brother by a couple of activist schoolteacher parents of the worst insidious kind.
I still remember my kids' reaction to him when he was at their public school in the late 90s.
"He was kind of different.", they said.
"What, like 'good'?" I asked.
"No.", was the answer, before they ran out to hang with their friends.
A quote from the Kielburger mother: "Kids become so desensitized by television and the media," says Theresa. "It's important to sensitize them, and you have to do it when they are young."

scaramouche said...

No doubt about it, those Kielbraggers are out to lunch: