Sunday, June 22, 2014

UN Envoy Was Not--I Repeat--Was NOT Trying to Funnel Money to Hamas in Secret

He was being completely open about the money-funneling, and makes no apologies for it:
UN envoy Robert Serry denies he was trying to secretly funnel $20 million dollars to Hamas. He was trying to openly funnel $20 million dollars to Hamas. 
Serry claims that Palestinian Unity Government (PUG) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah had asked him to help resolve the payroll crisis in Gaza, where Hamas terrorists, now part of PUG, hadn’t been paid. Hamdallah asked Serry to check about receiving funding from Qatar to pay them. 
The payroll deficit resulted in violence and Gazan banks closing for a few days after the newly formed Palestinian Unity Government only paid Fatah terrorist salaries, but not Hamas terrorist salaries in Gaza. 
Serry claims he only inquiried to see if all sides would consent to $20 million dollars from Qatar being transferred to pay Hamas terrorist salaries and that he wasn’t trying to do it without consent from Israel, the UN, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. 
Serry claims COGAT (Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) agreed that Qatari money could be transferred only to buy fuel, but not to pay Hamas terrorist salaries.
Either Serry is lying--or Israel is dreaming in Technicolor.

Update: Xavier Cogat--he was married to Charo, wasn't he?

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