Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hakuna Qutaiba, What a Horrible Phrase

A Syrian lad named Qutaiba Idlibi was brought to the U.S. to take part in Foggy Bottom's "Leadership for Democracy Fellowship." Let's check in and see how it's working out:
...he mourned the death of a senior al-Qaida operative who was killed in Syria in February. Abu Khaled Al Souri, considered a representative of al-Qaida head Ayman Al Zawahiri, died in a February suicide bombing. "They are going to call you a 'terrorist.' They can say whatever they want to say, The Levant and its people and its squares can testify about your Jihad and efforts," Idibili wrote.
"Abu Khaled Al Souri was martyred. (see attachment Abu Khaled Al Souri)"
Idlibi has shared statements by another al-Qaida figure, Abu Maria Al Qahtani, the spokesman of Al Nusra front. Al Nusra pledged allegiance to al-Qaida last year. But that didn't stop Idlibi from praising the group as "A liberation front" on March 25 and writing "Jabhat Al Nusra God praise you."
Two weeks earlier, he prayed that "Allah grant our brothers in Al Nusra front the best award for their every day efforts in trying to liberate our hostages."
Idlibi did not respond to a request for comment for this story. On social media, however, he also justified recruiting foreign fighters to join the Syrian jihad. "One way of obtaining American citizenship is via enrolling in the American army," he wrote on March 29. "Thousands of people do that. Thousands of Jews from all around the world enroll in the Israeli army, but when Muslim fighters go to fight in another Muslim country to defend the land, the people, and the Religion, then all what we hear about is how dangerous is the risk of the foreign fighters."
Idlibi also praised Ahmad Yassin, the former spiritual leader of Hamas.
"In your ceremony, the words are lost, I look for them but they go away from me. All I know after these years is that you are alive there, and we are dead," he wrote on his Facebook page March 22. That was the 10th anniversary of Yassin's death from an Israeli airstrike.
Praising the odious Yassin, eh?

I guess you could say Idlibi's "democratization" process never really took.

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