Saturday, June 21, 2014

Zion-Loathing Palestinian Rep to Canada in the G&M: Israel Kidnaps Teenagers Too!

How considerate of the Globe and Mail to open its op-ed page to "Palestine's" rep here in Canada. And doesn't Said Hamad have some choice things to say about/mud to fling at iniquitous Israel re the capture of three Israeli teenagers?

Here's the letter I sent in response:
Is Said Hamad, the chief representative for Palestine in Canada, serious when he says that Israel "kidnaps" Palestinians, and that these "abductions" must be considered in light of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers? If so, he leaves out the inconvenient fact that the Palestinians indoctrinate their young people to want to murder Jews, whom they accuse of "stealing" their land, and if any "12 year-old" is waylaid by Israeli authorities, it is not out of hatred, but  because that young person was being trained to become a human bomb, self-detonation for the sake of their genocidal ideology being revered as the best possible way to die and providing the exultant parents with a generous payoff for their "sacrifice." 
Compare that to three teenaged Israelis, who were a threat to no one, being taken for no other reason than that they were Jews.
Of course, Mr. Hamad knows how to resolve the problem. But since it entails Jews ending their "occupation" of Palestine--meaning all of Israel--I think he's going to have to come up with something a lot more workable.

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