Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CJN Columnist Has His Reasons For Advising Us to Ignore QuAIA

Adam Goldenberg writes:
As threats to the Jewish people go, this one’s fairly benign. Every year, our community’s leaders go to the barricades to keep a few dozen activists out of a parade that’s so crowded, it can be difficult to find one’s own friends among the rainbow festoonery and rogue genitalia. Our well-intentioned defenders look like censors, and give QuAIA a taste of the free-speech martyrdom that, make no mistake, is their true objective.
"Rogue genitalia"--ick!

Those, er, shortcomings aside, I think Goldenberg gets it wrong when he says QuAIA's true objective is "free-speech martyrdom." At most, that's a mere side benefit. Its true objective--the objective of all ardent Zion-loathers--is the demise of the Jewish state. Which means QuAIA's objective is part and parcel of global Zionhass, the Jew-hate of our time. Which means it's as malign--and malignant--as it gets.

Also--have you noticed that the people who freak out about the Ernst Zundels of the world are the same ones who want you to ignore QuAIA's antics?

Funny, that.

Update: Over at the CJN site, a commenter named "Yussi" is grateful for QuAIA. He writes:
QuAIA helped me to understand why as a Jew I'm obligated to fight for the equal rights of Palestinians and Arab-Israelis. Israel should be a fully secular state and don't discriminate anyone based on their ethnicities or religions. Kuddos to QuAIA for the good work.
 "Kuddos"? Hands up anyone who thinks "Yussi" is a QuAIA plant whose first language is not English.

Update: This is what Goldenberg would have us ignore because it's supposedly "fairly benign" and hard to detect:

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Carlos Perera said...

QuAIA's political theater should not surprise anybody; the Nazi party was full of sexual degenerates (Hitler himself among them). _Plus ça change_ . . ..