Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Not the Size of the Swelled Heads, It's the Motion of the Ocean

Daniel Greenfield thinks he knows why Obama is waging war on oceans instead of on the jihad:
Unlike Al Qaeda, oceans don’t throw victory parades. They rise and fall as part of a rhythm that predates the kingdoms of man. They will persist in their rhythms uncaring and unheeding of the bureaucrats and regulators, the peddlers of Green Luddite science, the celebrities and politicians who claim to control their waters. 
The ocean does all this without press releases. The Pacific will never mock Michelle Obama on Twitter the way that ISIS has and the Great Southern Ocean will never tweet photos of drowned Global Warming researchers who went to their deaths in its icy depths certain that the ice had melted. The mockery of the great deep is a more subtle and more enduring thing. 
That is why it is politically safer to hit the beach than Al Qaeda. It’s easier to grandstand on saving the world from an imaginary catastrophe (at the bargain price of a few mere trillion) than to deal with a real threat.

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