Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rev Who Lacked Moral Fortitute to Stand Up to QuAIA Tapped to Lead World Pride Parade

Rev Brent Hawkes, who, being an out-to-lunch lefty, never could take a stand against Zionhass showing up at the all-too-"inclusive" celebration, is tickled pink to be this year's leader. When Sue-Ann Levy, who not incidentally is gay, was rude enough to ask Hawkes how he felt about being Grand Marshall of a parade in which QuAIA will once again be a fixture, he answered exactly as you'd expect him to:
Rev. Hawkes said he doesn’t think there’s any Grand Marshal who loves or feels comfortable with every element of the parade, indicating it’s “not appropriate” -- given his role this year -- to comment on a specific group.
 Spoken like a true jellyfish.

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