Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A "Neutral" UN Report on the Gaza War? Bah, Humbug!

The UN facilitates the ongoing jihad against Israel (hardly a surprise, since members of the OIC comprise the UN's largest voting bloc). The two UN bodies perhaps most responsible for fanning the flames of Zionhass are the risibly-named United Nations Human Rights Council and UNRWA, the outfit that works hand-in-globe with Hamas, and that has allowed its facilities in Gaza to be places where jihadis stash their weapons. As such, the UN is hardly a neutral third party, and is thus incapable of rendering any fairness where Israel is concerned. Hence, this, an article, replete with photos of injured Gaza moppets--the sort that inspire Muslim Zion-loathers to terrorize and kill Jews in Israel and the West--about the "neutral" UN report which asserts that Israel should not have shelled UN Gaza "schools" (really, weapons depots) under any circumstances because UN facilities are ipso facto sacrosanct.

What a simmering heap o' crapola--but all too typical of UN "neutrality."

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