Friday, April 24, 2015

What a Crock: Clinton Foundation Claims to Want to Put Itself Out of Business

In light of recent revelations, this line in "About Us" on the Clinton Foundation site made me cackle, chortle and guffaw:
Everywhere we go, we're trying to work ourselves out of a job. Whether it's improving global health, increasing opportunity for women and girls, reducing childhood obesity and preventable diseases, creating economic opportunity and growth, or helping communities address the effects of climate change, we keep score by the lives that are saved or improved.
Oh, puh-leeze. Mark Steyn nails it when he says that this foundation exists
to enable this family to lead the lifestyle of a head of state after it has ceased to be head of state. They spent $70 million dollars on travel at the Clinton Foundation. By comparison, the entire Royal Family, to fly between their various realms - the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, that's a lot of air miles - the entire Royal Family in one year spent $7 million dollars. So in other words, the Clintons have ten times the airplane costs of the Royal Family, who are heads of state of dozens of bits of real estate around the world. The Clinton Foundation is a hollow shell foundation playing the usual shell game with U.S. taxation. There's no need for a Clinton Foundation except for them to rake in money from Kazakhs and Ukrainians and Iranians and Saudis and everybody else.
That's a pretty humongous carbon footprint for a racket that claims to want to address climate change. But, hey, since they get to act all noblesse oblige-y while raking it in, you can bet that the Clintons would never willingly put themselves out of business.

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