Saturday, April 25, 2015

Despising Zionism, the EU Throws Money at Lefty Rackets Inside Israel

How fitting that the continent that co-operated to ensure that the maximum number of Jews were liquidated during the Shoah should be doing its utmost to try to snuff out the world's only Jewish state:
According to data collected by watchdog group NGO Monitor, between 2012 and 2014 about 177 million shekels was donated to various organizations from foreign countries, defined as “political organizations.” Some of these organizations are involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as B’Tselem, Gisha (the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement), Bamakom – Planners for Human Rights,  the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, MachsomWatch, Zochrot, Ir Amim, Coalition of Women for Peace, Yesh Din, Breaking the Silence, Adalah and many others. 
The European Union itself is the regions biggest donor, providing these organizations with almost 18 million shekels ($4.6 million) over the past two years. Other than the EU, other big donors include Norway, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, which each give a few million shekels every year. In addition to giving money to Israeli organizations, many countries also offer money to Palestinian organizations that are more extreme both in outlook and practice, reports NRG
These organizations are controversial in Israel because they consistently promote a Palestinian narrative regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some of the NGOs call for boycotts and sanctions against Israel; one of these organizations sought a boycott of the Israeli Aroma coffee franchise.  Others seek the establishment of a single, binational state and the end of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist country, according to the report.
"Others" have sh*t (or maybe Shiite) for brains.

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