Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jewish French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy Implicates the Holocaust in the "New" Anti-Semitism

As Lévy sees it,
today’s emerging anti-Jewish bigotry rests on three arguments.   
The first of them is anti-Zionism. That “Jews deserve to be hated because they are faithful…to an illegitimate state.” The second is Holocaust denial. “Jews deserve our distrust…our hate…because they traffic what should be the most sacred part of themselves.” And the third justification antisemites are using, Lévy argued, is that Jews use the Holocaust to “shut up” the suffering of others and other genocides, “particularly the Palestinians.”   
The widespread adoption of these three smears “could be the spark of the atomic bomb of antisemitism,” Lévy warned.
When I first read these line, I thought to myself, "Boy, we really need to re-think all that Holocaust education stuff--pronto." But then, continuing on, I read this:
“I know a lot of French Jews who live under protection, who cannot move from their home to a restaurant without being escorted by two or three or four brave policemen because they are under threat of this new criminal ideology of our time, which is world Jihad.”   
“The Jews are not the only target of course,” he added, but “for sure, Jews today are on the top of the top of the list of the potential victims of this world Jihad.”
Which says to me that what's really behind this current round of the longest hatred isn't the Holocaust per se, and/or how we Jews have "trafficked" in "the most sacred part" of ourselves; that sounds like a Jew blaming Jew-hatred on Jewish actions, which, pace B-H, it never really is. No, what's behind the Zionhass (my coinage for the Jew-hatred of our time) is the synergy between jihadis and other Muslims who hate Israel because its viability and success are a rebuke to Islamic dogma, and leftists, who hate Israel (and Jews who support it) because it represents everything they deplore--nationalism, "imperialism," "colonialism," etc.
Does the Holocaust factor into any of this? Maybe tangentially, but I don't think it's part of the main event--hating Israel because it's Jewish; hating Jews in the Diaspora because they're Jews, but also because of Israel and the "evil" it represents. It is thus clear that the current round of Jew-hatred is every bit as zany and unhinged as earlier versions. I do agree with one thing B-H said, however--the Jews, canaries in the coal mine yet again, top the list of folks the jihadis want to kill. That said, these days the holy warriors are slaughtering far more Christians and Muslims--a fact that, for a reason or reasons that certainly deserve further investigation, few high-profile Jews seem willing to point out--and condemn.

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