Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apostasy in the City

There's a support group called Ex-Muslims of North America (or EXMNA, perhaps an ill-considered acronym given that it sounds a lot like "eczema") for those who have fled the faith. Considering what its members have to go through--some of their challenges are outlined here--it is obviously much needed:
And many people aren’t “out” to their families, or not completely, he said. While Cheema’s siblings and friends know he’s agnostic and are fine with that, his mother, who is religious, does not. But not to worry, he said; she doesn’t read Metro or any news, and prefers Netflix. 
At a time when the news is often dominated by Canada’s war with the Islamic State and politicians’ charged comments on Islam and claims of Islamophobia, the group, said Ishmael, “toes a very fine line.” 
EXMNA has been accused of Islamophobia by its critics, but takes issue with the way that’s described, Ishmael said. 
“We criticize the ideology, criticize the idea, but we do not stand for any kind of anti-Muslim bigotry of any kind,” he said.
That must be very difficult when you consider that it's Muslims, who, in the name of the ideology, the idea, are doing all the bad stuff (the suicide bombings, the decapitations, the Zionhass, executing apostates and homosexuals, etc.).

Or are they (and we) not allowed to be "bigoted" re ISIS and other devotees of the supremacists' global initiative?

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