Monday, April 20, 2015

Khamenei Karaoke Goes Ballistic

His Grandiosity "mocks" Obama's "silly bluffing"--in song:

Ev'ry U.S. "bluff" is thoroughly silly
(Running rings 'round infidels).
Ev'ry U.S. "bluff" empowers our cause
(Crazy what Obama sells).
"It's not insanity," claim John and Marie.
And since we're winning
We must admit that we agree.
In the heat of talks the U.S. seemed spineless
(That's the way we like 'em best).
No one seems to care our nukes are a go
(We're much smarter than the rest).
Goodbye bad sanctions, we
Won't miss when you're gone.
So beat our chests
'Cuz all our silliest bluffing's a huge con...

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