Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Danish Conundrum

It is outlined here, in the intro to a Ceeb radio report which examines whether love-bombing jihadis--as the Danes are doing in Aarhus--is an effective method of deradicalizing 'em:
Denmark, benign little Denmark - part of the American-led coalition bombing ISIS targets - has the second highest number of jihadists per capita in Europe. A disturbingly large number come from the city of Aarhus, home to a radical mosque, and to an equally radical approach to returnees. 
In Aarhus, when the kids phone home from Syria  - as they almost inevitably do - they are told, "Come back. You will be welcomed." They are given a second chance, in the name of prevention and security. The Aarhus model began to attract international attention last year. Barack Obama invited the Mayor to the White House to  talk about it.
Then came Paris, and the slaughter at the offices of the magazine, Charlie Hebdo. A month later, a young Palestinian Dane, born in a Palestinian refugee camp, shot up a "free speech" meeting, then a synagogue -  killing two people. What was Denmark to do?...
Off the top of my head--how about not allowing angry, jihad-minded Muslims into your country in the first place?

I see disaster looming with Denmark's "hug-a-jihadi" initiative. Mind you, since it amounts to a sort of jizya, the tax Islam demands of inferior infidels, it will likely elicit rave reviews from more than a few Danish Muslims--including, of course, the returning jihadis.

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