Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anti-Israel Bias On Display on Shelves of UN "Human Rights" Council-Affiliated Bookshop in Geneva? Quelle Shockeroo (Not)!

Kind of a dog-bites-man story, no?:
Among the books on sale at the shop, which had a concession agreement with the neighboring Human Rights Council, was “How I stopped Being a Jew” by Shlomo Sand, in which the author describes the “genocidal Yahwestic tradition” within the Jewish religion, and “The Punishment of Gaza,” by Israeli left-wing journalist Gideon Levy, among books by revisionist Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappe and American linguist and outspoken critic of Israel Noam Chomsky.
Now, if you had told me that this shop stocked the pro-Israel works of, say, Alan Dershowitz, that would be shocking.

Not on sale at the Geneva "human rights"

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