Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obama Accused of "Gaslighting" Media Re Loot Iran'll Score With Nuke Deal

"Gaslighting"--a fancy worse for lying his arse off:
The Obama administration has been gaslighting reporters over concessions to Iran that could release between $30 to $50 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets as soon as a nuclear deal is signed, Washington DC-based watchdog the Israel Project accused on Monday. 
The group cited President Obama’s move on Friday to placate Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei’s latest demand for immediate sanctions relief upon signing a deal. While the Obama administration insisted it had not shown flexibility and offered no new concessions, it was simultaneously preparing to phase out sanctions in such a way that would offer the Iranians immediate and significant economic relief, the Israel Project said. 
“They’re trying to borderline-gaslight journalists by insisting that there was no new concession, that the President didn’t signal any new flexibility, and that sanctions relief will still be phased out. That line is falling a bit flat – Obama said what he said – but now the question is how they intend to square the circle,” the group asked in an email sent to reporters...
"Gaslighting," "square the circle"--too many metaphors, guys, re outright prevarication, an Obama specialty from the get-go.

In the Obama version of Gaslight, America's the captive.

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