Friday, April 24, 2015

Ceeb's Saša Petricic Compares IDF and ISIS Recruits in a Tweet, Then Walks It Back (Sort Of, Not Really)

Petricic, who is no fan of the Jewish State and is thus the perfect guy to be the Ceeb's Middle East correspondent (indeed, despising Israel is a crucial, albeit implicit, part of the job description), tweeted this "deep thought":
Fighting for/ag isnt only combat drawing youth to MidEast. Many more foreign recruits to , inc Cdn
Perhaps thinking the better of such an inflammatory equation--Jews defending Israel being akin to savage ISIS jihadis--Petricic followed it up with this:
Of course not saying joining Israel army same as joining ISIS. But seems something in ISIS awakened desire to oppose it & defend Israel too
Something in ISIS? Oh, you mean its desire--one shared by all jihadis, including those kooky nukers over in Iran--to wipe Israel off the map a.s.a.p.?

Yeah, that might stimulate a young Jews' desire to up and defend the Jewish homeland.

That and the insane Jew-hatred in places--France, the UK, etc.--they're escaping from.

But you won't see any of that in a Petricic tweet because the man harbours a deep-seated animus toward Israel, and it's obvious he has a hard time keeping it under wraps.

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