Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Liel Leibovitz Notices Obama's Totalitarian Tendencies--Without Calling Them That

The Tablet scribbler opines that Obama's desire to silence all opposition re Iran (and being allowed to do so because "racism") isn't, as they say, good for the Jews:
In its zeal to see its policies to fruition, the administration is not only sacrificing Israel’s vital interests in order to appease Iran but is eroding the fertile ground of internecine quibbling that has helped so many Jews grow emotionally, spiritually, and politically. Like every minority, we linger on the promise of robust dissent, free of litmus tests and sine qua nons. The Jewish talent for dissent has not only made so many Jews liberals by nature as well as political affiliation, it is also a primary source of Jewish innovation in politics, charity, art, and other forms of social self-expression. Blind obsequiousness rarely shows the Jewish community and its spokespeople at their finest. It seems particularly dangerous now.
To sum it up: blind obsequiousness is bad for the Jews, America's body politic and Western civilization as a whole. It's a real boon, though, for weird, charismatic leaders--like Obama--who manifest a yen for the closed fist and the unbent arm.

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