Monday, April 20, 2015

"Mainstream" U.S. Muslims Don't Want the Genocide Label to Apply to Armenians

Their modus operandi--when history reflects badly on you, simply rewrite it:
The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) the largest umbrella group of mainstream Muslim American organizations is aware of the painful history of over 30 nations fighting for over 4 years and the loss of over 37 million lives in World War I, including those of the Armenians. 
As April 24 comes near, we share the pain suffered by Armenians during this period. We also believe that any acknowledgment by religious or political leaders of the tragedy that befell Armenians should be balanced, constructive and must also recognize Turkish and Muslim suffering...
Just as the "tragedy" that befell Europe's Jews should be balanced, constructive and must also recognize German and Nazi suffering?

Update: "This presentation is in memory of more than 1.5 million Armenians who perished at the hands of the Ottoman Turks during the period of 1915-1922. The Armenian Genocide was the first genocide of the 20th Century."

Update: Speaking of rewriting history, Calgary's Imam Syed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Terrorism, thinks that what happened to the Palestinians constitutes a genocide/holocaust:
Palestine: The Muslim community of Palestine has been struggling for their survival and freedom for almost a century. The Palestinian community was struggling for their homeland long before the creation of Israel. They were expecting to have their homeland when the British leave the area but when British left the area they created Israel not Palestine.  There can be several arguments for this. Some may say that due to disunity among Palestinian and chaos among negbouring Arab countries, Palestine was not created. Nevertheless, whatever the reasons were, we do not have Palestinian state today and people are suffering. After the creation of Israel, the extremists not only captured the homes and lands of poor Palestinians but they also denied them the right of existence in their own homeland. Since 1948 the calamities on Palestinian people have increased instead of decreasing. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jewish community suffered a lot during world war II from the hands of Nazis and almost six million Jews were killed in that Holocaust. However, all these calamities ended on the Jewish people when the allied forces got victory. The Jewish community was liberated with the help from USA and allied forces.  
On the other side, the Palestinians have been struggling alone against a power (Israel + USA + worldwide allied countries) which is 1000 times more resourceful than the Palestinians. Palestinians have no support from their own Arab brothers. Palestinians have no support from the Muslims of the world. Palestinians get lip service from the Arab and Muslim world. Apparently, we do not see any end to these calamities on the Palestinians in the near future. So far, more than a million Palestinians have been killed and millions of them have been made refugees in refugee camps. The Israeli forces have converted Palestinian homes and areas into refugee camps.
You have to say one thing for Syed. His version of history is extremely, er, creative. Also fanciful. Also shot through with Zionhass arising from Islamic dogma.

Update: A blow to USCMO--German Parliament to Label Killings of Armenians as Genocide.

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