Monday, April 20, 2015

Remembering Mark Harding, A Courageous Canadian/Casualty of Our Insane Devotion to Multiculti Cant

Kathy Shaidle remembers him here. You can find a good summary of what Harding suffered--essentially, a persecution at the hands of the state which handed him off to a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate for additional torment--here:
Mark Harding is a Canadian Christian who lost everything for telling the truth about Islam and the encroachment of Sharia law in Canada. As such, Mark Harding sets the example for future Mark Hardings to arise in Canada, America and beyond. 
In 1997, Muslims pressured a public high school in Toronto to hold Muslim prayers towards Mecca on Fridays. They also proselytized Islam and distributed the Quran and literature promoting Islam inside the school premise. 
After approaching and being ignored by the school officials, Mark Harding created and handed out outside the school pamphlets that described the true nature of Islam (see war against Islam). 
For telling the truth about Islam, Mark Harding was arrested, jailed, tried and convicted of hate crimes. In 2002, Canada's high courts upheld his conviction, as well as his sentence of 2 years of probation and 340 hours of community service to be directed by the local General Secretary of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood group. 
The ISNA General Secretary turned those 340 hours into Islamic indoctrination sessions during which Mark Harding was forced to listen to three imams "teach" him about Islam. He was ordered to not say anything negative about Islam, Quran (see errors in Quran), Allah (see Allah moon god) or Muhammad (see Muhammad false prophet) during the sessions, and was threatened that failure to obey would lead to prison incarceration. 
Mark Harding endured 5 years of the appeals process, suffered through the 340 hours of forced Islamic indoctrination, completed the 2 years of probation, suffered two heart attacks, and was left financially ruined...
And that, my friends, is how "justice" rocks and rolls in our glorious Trudeaupia.

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