Monday, April 27, 2015

Dennis Prager On Why American Jews Are More Concerned About "Climate Change" Than About the Existential Threat Iran Poses to Israel

In a word, it's the "leftism":
Most American Jews have been influenced by leftist thinking more than by any other way of looking at life. Overwhelmingly, throughout the world, those who fear global warming more than Iran are on the left, whereas there are virtually no conservatives in America or elsewhere who share this overriding fear. That is something both progressives and conservatives can agree upon. That’s why Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t fear global warming nearly as much as does President Barack Obama. Mr. Harper is a conservative. 
At the same time, the further left one goes — among Jews and non-Jews — the less the concern over Iran’s threat to Israel. Indeed, as one goes further left, the greater the hatred of Israel. American Jews on the left have been so influenced by the left that many of them undoubtedly have more disdain for Benjamin Netanyahu’s government than for Iran’s. That is certainly true for George Soros (who helped fund J Street); for Tom Steyer, the billionaire who devotes his fortune to funding green politicians; for those Jewish academics and students who support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement against Israel; for Jewish Voice for Peace; and for many other Jews on the left. 
This is all just another example of how morally corrosive leftism has been to American Jewish life...

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