Monday, December 14, 2015

"Compared to Obama, Bush Was a Paragon of Multilateralism"

I see that Saturday Night Live, lost in a leftist fog, trotted out Will Ferrell to pretend to be--OMG and a full seven years into the Obama presidency!--George W. Bush.
For despite scandals galore and a POTUS who, terrorism/jihad-wise, is asleep at the switch in a Homer-Simpson-manning-the-nuclear-reactor sort of way, SNL cannot help but ignore it all in favour of changing the discussion to the still much-despised Dubya.

As an antidote, I prescribe this lengthy piece by Amir Taheri in UK periodical Standpoint. (The headline of this post is one of its many money lines). It should set everyone straight re the current POTUS's pathological fecklessness.

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