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Where In the World Is Farhat Hashmi?

According to the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington, Hashmi is a "mystery" woman who runs fundamentalist Islamic schools for women in various parts of the world. One of her schools, in Pakistan, is where the San Bernardino jihadi mom once studied. Another school is much closer to home--in Mississauga.

Warmington wants to know where Hashmi is--she seems to be missing--and what, exactly, her schools are teaching these women. He writes:
MISSISSAUGA - Controversial Islamic scholar Farhat Hashmi, who teaches that a Muslim wife should be “obedient” to her husband, is a woman of mystery.
We know she has schools around the world, including the Al-Huda Institute of Canada, at 5671 McAdam Rd. in Mississauga. 
We know Tashfeen Malik — the female assassin in last week’s massacre in San Bernardino — studied at Al-Huda’s branch in Multan, Pakistan, for two years and left without completing a diploma. 
Although on her website she distanced herself from Malik, we don’t know where Hashmi is. 
Some media reports say she lives in Canada. Others say she was ordered deported in 2006. 
Still, no one has confirmed or denied whether Canadian immigration officials followed through on an order for her to leave. 
And those who run the Mississauga school were not doing much talking Monday. Let’s just say the location of Hashmi is at this point unknown...
She has to leave but her school gets to stay?

Anyone else have a problem with that? 

Update: Also in the Toronto Sun (in the paper paper it's on the same page as the Warmington piece) Raheel Raza tells what she knows about the Mississauga school and its teachings:
...Al Huda Academy, the school that is run by Farhat Hashmi, is one of those places that teaches negative things. She’s not directly telling people to go out and kill people. She wouldn’t do that. What she’s saying is, ‘You are different. You are the other.’ She’s promoting polygamy to women. She’s asking them to wear niqabs. She’s telling them, ‘You are different than others because you’re a Muslim and you are exclusive and you should not be friends with Christians.’ What does this do over a period of time? It creates an ‘us and them’ mentality.”
But wait--it gets worse:
They are fundamentalist orthodox teachings that are rooted in hate ... Canadians should know there are people here who don’t hold values of freedom and gender equality. They don’t hold Canadian values. They don’t like Canadian values. Someone should question why they’ve been allowed to open an institute that is promoting hate.” 
No can do, Raheel. In this here multiculti Trudeaupia, to even ask such a thing is to be guilty of "Islamophobia"--and no one wants to be tarred by that brush.

But surely these teachings pose no threat to us, right?
People are brainwashed into believing the West is their enemy and that they are a better product of humanity than anyone else and other lives don’t matter ... These people are like powder kegs. They’re sitting there ready to blow.” 
No worries, Raheel. To quote a great thinker who's up on his Islam: "Freedom is more powerful than fear."

Update: I think I just found the whereabouts of the "mysterious" Hashmi. She's back in Pakistan:

Al Huda Institute, Canada's photo.

Update: Turns out there are Al-Hudna schools for boys, too. And, as you can see from Al-Hudna's 2014 Annual Report, Dr. Hashmi has quite the wide-ranging operation underway. I wonder which Saudi moneybags is funding it all.

Update: FYI, here's Hashmi's photo:

I found it here.

Raheel Raza, for one, might find the article very interesting since its claims re Hashmi's pedagoguic philosophy is the exact opposite of what Raza says it is:
Dr Farhat Hashmi heads the Al-Huda International organisation for the Islamic education of womenYouTube

London’s Metropolitan Police has sold one of its disused stations to an organisation run by a hardline Islamic scholar with what her critics call a “medieval view of human rights and women’s place in society”. 
Dr Farhat Hashmi, who has PhD in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow, founded and runs Al-Huda International, which operates Islamic education programmes for young Muslim women across the world. 
Hashmi and her organisation say they are progressive feminists who empower Muslim women by helping them to understand and interpret the Quran in order to use it to assert their rights under the Islamic faith. 
But those who have experienced classes taught by her organisation, from Canada to Pakistan to the UK, claim she advocates an outdated and oppressive form of Islam that incorporates the likes of jihad, polygamy and subservience to husbands. 
Boris Johnson, under the auspices of The Mayor of London Office for Police and Crime (Mopac) has sold a former police station in Chadwell Heath, Redbridge, northeast London, for £1m to Al-Huda Welfare Foundation, the UK branch of Hashmi’s global organisation, which it said will be used for “education/community” purposes. 
When the claims were put to a representative of Al-Huda, they told IBTimes UK that Hashmi’s critics have misinterpreted her teachings. 
Shazia Nawaz, a regional coordinator at Al-Huda, said Hashmi is not using the definition of jihad ‒that of religious warfare ‒ commonly understood in the West. 
“If she talks about jihad, it’s mainly in context of struggling against evil, which lies within ourselves to become a good human, a disciplined person, a civilised citizen and to struggle to revive the humanitarian spirit in people and community around us,” Nawaz said...
Taqiyyah much, Ms. Nawaz?

Update: The Mississauga school wants to bring a Syrian "refugee" family here:

Al Huda Institute, Canada's photo.

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