Thursday, December 17, 2015

In the Lead Up to Christmas, Obama Tells Anxious Americans Yet Again To Not Sweat the Jihad

Soon after Obama claimed that ISIS was "contained," ISIS-inspired holy warriors unleashed a wide-scale and obviously well-planned series of assaults on Paris; 140 infidels were brutally murdered in that effort.

Then, mere hours before a jihadi couple decked themselves out in body armor and opened fire on infidels enjoying a holiday party in San Bernardino, Obama told Americans yet again that they had little to fear from ISIS jihadis.

Now, as the Christmas holiday looms, Obama has stepped up to assure the populace that there is no "specific threat" of another jihadi terrorist attack.

I think Americans would be well advised to take Obama's mealy-mouthed words with a boulder of salt and place them in context of his previous ill-timed pronouncements.

Update: I would also put it in context of Obama releasing more than forty hardened and implacable jihadis from Gitmo--once he finds "safe" countries that are willing to take 'em. (Funny how he didn't bring it up in his "don't worry, be happy" speech just now

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