Wednesday, December 30, 2015

With Apologies, For Sure, To Clement C. Moore

'Twas the eve of the Eve, when more often than not,
The police had revealed yet one more jihad plot.
The cautions were issued for us to beware
In hopes that the terrorists wouldn't be there.
(With partyers gathering hither and yon
Let's pray visions of carnage are banished and gone.)
And Obama in Hawaii, and Trudeau who-knows-where?
Both decry "Islamophobia" with their devil-may-care.
When a new attack comes, and more lives are shattered
Will they say that our hate's the thing that most mattered?
When a suicide bomber blows up in a flash
With they say it's because he was "poor" and lacked cash?
They both moon over "victims" of First World "oppressors"
While jihadi supremacists think we're their lessers.
Oh, when will these leaders ever have pause
And see that this clash is one over laws?
With those God-decreed laws--i.e. the shari'--
There is no place for freedom or e-qual-i-ty.
Now CAIR along with the NCCM
Whinge and whine 'bout what we do to them:
"Now, dash it all! dash it all! dash it all, see!
Your animus sparks jihad's ubiquity!
When you criticize Islam, in any form, shape or way,
You are making 'em mad, and for that you will pay!
So you'd better think twice 'fore you open your yap
And spew out your hateful, Islamophobic crap!"
And then, in a twinkling, they will shout even louder
And free speech as we know it will soon take a powder.
As I tried to calm down, I couldn't be merry
For I thought of the words of that pea-brain, John Kerry.
When jihadis attacked in Paree, at the end,
Kerry sent 'em James Taylor to sing "You've Got a Friend."
When Paree was attacked with a vengeance once more
Kerry couldn't compute what its purpose was for.
His words--how they sickened! his Botox, how rigid!
His face never moved; his countenance: frigid!
His coldness suffused every line that he uttered
While down in the White House his boss floundered and sputtered.
A joke of a leader, the worst POTUS ever,
He brought falsehoods and failure to every endeavor.
He was lean as can be, with no middle age spread
'Cuz the fat in his frame was all up in his head.
With a blink of his eye and, yes, even a tear,
He opined, "Climate change is the threat we most fear!"
Then off to play golf, the thing he does best.
But as for jihadis--they never rest.
And next year, I predict, you will hear near and far:
"The Caliphate's great--Allahu Akbar!"

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