Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Report From France: Jihadi Who Beheaded His Boss Hangs Himself in Jail

A story for our times:
PARIS — French authorities say that man suspected of beheading a businessman at a French gas factory in June has committed suicide in his prison cell. 
Deputy Prosecutor Jean-Michel Bourles in Evry, a Paris suburb, said Wednesday that Yassin Salhi hanged himself with an electric cable Tuesday night in Fleury-Merogis prison. The former delivery driver faced preliminary murder and terrorism charges and of suspected of ties to Islamic State extremists. 
The attack in France's southeast put the country back on high alert after January's deadly extremist attacks. 
French prosecutors said Salhi lured his boss into a van, knocked him unconscious and beheaded him. Salhi allegedly carried a long-bladed knife, a gun and two brand-new flags emblazoned with the Muslim declaration of faith.
Time for France to ban the long-bladed knife, no?

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