Monday, December 14, 2015

Today's Dueling Limericks

This one's in the NatPo:
A hundred or two refugees
From areas far overseas
Arrived via jet
And thereupon met
Trudeau, our incumbent big cheese.
Here's mine:
More and more will arrive every week.
We'll see tens of thousands more at its peak.
They are all fully vetted
And will feel so indebted.
Don't believe me? Just ask Tashfeen Malik.
Oh, wait--I don't think the above-named Ms. Malik is available for questioning just now.

Update: At 34:37 of this video Robert Spencer has the chutzpah to speak the politically incorrect truth: "The idea that this [inflow of "refugees"] is not going to have terrible consequences is, unfortunately, naïve in the extreme. And the idea that this will never bear bitter fruit is ridiculous."

Spencer, BTW,  isn't counting on being able to return to Justin's Trudeaupia. Canadian border officials waylaid him for a good three hours on this occasion, searching his baggage and thoughts for signs of illegal "hate speech" before finally allowing him in. Spencer predicts that, a bit further down the Justin road, he may not get in at all. (Video via BCF)

Gotta love those "sunny ways," eh?

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