Saturday, December 19, 2015

Same Old Muslims; Same Old Jews, Too

You know you're living in a crazy world, where up is down and day is night, when you repeatedly hear the claim that "Muslims are the new Jews"; such egregious bilge is especially hard to take when it's a "progressive" Jew who's spouting it.

Here comes Daniel Greenfield to shoot down that specious narrative:
In this twisted historical revisionism, the Jews, a beleaguered minority hanging on to a country slightly bigger than Fiji, who have spent the last 40 years cutting pieces off their small slice of the world to hand over to the region’s massive Muslim majority in the hopes of being left alone, are the new Nazis. 
And the Muslim billion ruling over vast territories where human rights for non-Muslims are rarer than hen’s teeth, where non-Muslim populations decline year after year as they are forcibly converted or are forced to flee their Muslim oppressors, are somehow the new Jews. Orwell would have wept.

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