Sunday, December 27, 2015

Proposed Panacea for Ontario's Purported Racism: More Government-Funded Scourges, Scolds and Busy-Bodies

Ontarians not opening wide and swallowing their multiculti cod liver oil/codswallop of late? The best way to remedy the "problem, "according to the Toronto Star, is to create yet another bureaucracy to root out any and all recalcitrance:
Last March, EKOS conducted a poll to measure whether Canadians were becoming more racist. One of its more disquieting findings was that opposition to immigration has nearly doubled since 2005, when it was at an all-time low of 25 per cent.  
What’s more disturbing was that the number of Canadians saying we admit too many visible minorities “cracked” the 40-point ceiling for the first time ever, noted EKOS president Frank Graves.  
Opposition to immigration doesn’t necessarily reflect racial discrimination. It could reflect economic anxiety, he explained. “But it’s hard to see how those saying too many immigrants are visible-minority can be motivated by anything but racial or cultural bias.”  
Graves is right. That is why Premier Kathleen Wynne should give serious consideration to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s call for an anti-racism secretariat...
Heaven help us! Don't we already have "diversity" and "human rights" bodies galore to push us around and purvey the prevailing multiculti dogma in an eerily 1984-esque way?

I'd say we need an "anti-racism secretariat" about as much as we need, say, another SARS outbreak.

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Carlos Perera said...

Well, on the plus side, you have to admit that the the Toronto _Star_ article you quoted above provides a wonderful (if somewhat heavy-handed) example of the planted axiom fallacy neatly rolled into a category error. Professors of logic everywhere are, I am sure, grateful for such a handy passage to cite in their classes.