Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shallow, Callow Diaspora Jewry Manifest an "Interfaith" and Islamophobia-Phobic Mindset--Which Is a Recipe for Disaster

Re the suicidal impulse of deploring everyone and everything on the Right and ignoring the Zionhass/Jew-hatred inherent in mainstream Islam, Melanie Phillips writes:
As a result of this mindset [that those on the Left are invariably good and those on the Right are inarguably wicked], neo-Nazis are conflated with democratic nationalists who merely want to halt the mass immigration now threatening to submerge Europe. They, too, are thus deemed to be fascists. 
The result is a reckless absence of self-preservation by Diaspora Jews in seeking to embrace those who would kill Jews or destroy Israel. 
Hence the campaign by both Orthodox and progressive denominations in Britain to welcome all Syrian refugees, despite well-founded warnings that an unknown number of these may have been recruited by Islamic State or other Islamists. 
This perverse behavior stems partly from fear and ignorance, but also from a supremely shallow identification with another religious minority whose clothing and rituals set it aside from the mainstream. 
It also reflects the grip of interfaith work. 
This precludes addressing any truths so unpalatable that they might cause Muslims to walk out, thus imperiling their support on issues of apparent common interest such as defending ritual animal slaughter and circumcision. 
Mostly, though, it reflects the equation made by Diaspora Jews between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. This equation is utterly false. Anti-Semitism is pure bigotry,  reflecting hatred of Jews not for what they do but for what they are. Islamophobia, by contrast, is nothing other than a mind-bending smear designed to stigmatize and silence all who seek to expose or fight Islamic extremism and holy war. 
One understands the Jewish impulse to want to side with the "underdog"; it is pretty much written into our genetic coding. However, too many supposedly smart Jews know nothing about Islamic doctrine and therefore assume that anything negative said about it must be false and hateful because of the manifold false and hateful things shouted and whispered about "the Jews."

In so doing, these uber-compassionate Jews have allowed doctrines which harbor the most poisonous Jew-hate at their very core to hitch a free ride on the Judenhass choo-choo train.

How perverse is that?

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Carlos Perera said...

I was surprised to read Ms. Phillips' statement that in Britain _Orthodox_ Jews have joined the multiculti welcome wagon for the Islamic invaders of Eurabia. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, the Orthodox Jews of my acquaintance--admittedly a biased sample--have definitely right-wing views on most issues, including the undesirability of Moslem mass immigration. (Secularized and Reform types, on the other hand . . .)