Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Have a Lazy Mind and a Penchant for Vapid "Progressive" Jargon? Then Bring on the "Thought Blockers"

Bruce Thornton itemizes some of the "thought blockers" here:
Encumbered with a fossilized illiberal ideology, progressives must rely on what Robert Conquest called “thought-blockers”––empty words and phrases that comfort and rouse the party faithful, and camouflage the lack of coherent argument, consistent principles, and empirical evidence. More important, these empty words and phrases that lie at the heart of progressivism are the tools for increasing the progressives’ political power and influence, at the expense of everybody else’s freedom. 
Here’s a quick catalogue of a handful of such verbal evasions: “Imperialism,” “colonialism,” “racism,” “black lives matter,” “sexism,” “war on women,” “income inequality,” “one percent,” “fair share,”  “Islamophobia,” “nothing to do with Islam,” “climate change consensus,” “microagressions,” and “diversity.” Most lack any specific content or connection to historical evidence, and are devoid of consistent principle. They are ideological spells either chanted by the dim-witted or manipulated by the clever who lust for power and influence...
Thornton left out "social justice" and its Hebrew/Jewish equivalent, "tikkun olam."

Thankfully, such incantatory verbiage casts no spell whatsoever over that segment of society immune to and derisive of "progressive" dogma.

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